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for Businesses and Individuals to thrive in the New Normal

Effective Boards

Practical Advice for Value-Adding Corporate Governance

Leadership that gets results

  • Make your meetings matter
  • Create Cohesive Leadership Teams
  • Mentoring for Leadership

Connecting the dots

Partnerships for sustainable growth

My Life is My message

– M.Gandhi

About VK

Board Advisor, C-Suite Mentor, Speaker

Multi-cultural, multi-level and multi-generational understanding, gained through more than 25 years of executive management experience in diverse work experiences; from public, traditional & family-owned business to global leaders.

Passion for Excellence

Champions break their own record everyday; success is a series of small wins.

Driving Social Impact

Doing well by doing good with authenticity and agility.

Right Questions

Generate positive, creative, authentic, impactful ideas via the right questions


In all competitive agendas “Focus” is the new IQ; private or public, for-profit or non-profit, services or products, local or global, big or small.

Why VK?

Ideas Generator

  • Identify the right questions
  • Consider more value-adding alternatives
  • Find the “How To” answers to solidify your competitive advantage

Forward Looking

  • Spot the right opportunities prior to competitors
  • Setting the trend by deep understanding of big and small data

Solutions Architect

  • Bespoke Solutions that fit your culture and budget and SELL
  • A to Z approach for sustainable business transformation

Attention to detail

  • Excellence is in the detail
  • Establish trust by paying attention to your target audience

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