Exclusive Advisory Services

for Businesses and Individuals to thrive in the New Normal

Effective Boards

Practical Advice for Value-Adding Corporate Governance

to listed and non-listed companies, associations and non-profits.

  1. Applying an Effective Corporate Governance Framework for long-term success.
  2. Setting the foundations for an Advisory Board to empower existing family boards.
  3. Clarifying Structure, Roles and Responsibilities of Boards, Board Committees, Shareholders and Executive Management.
  4. Designing and executing succession planning for sustainability (Talent attraction and Development for Boards and Ex Com).
  5. Promoting USP through tailored non-financial reporting that matters to investors.

Leadership that gets results

Make your meetings matter by facilitating Executive Teams to:


1. Re-view company’s mission, vision and strategies to secure a winning position in the New Normal emerging after covid-19.


2. Re-think & Disrupt company’s business model to provide higher added value through more effective use of resources (human talent and technology).


3. Re-power your employer brand and gain competitive advantage as an Employer of Choice.

Create a Cohesive Leadership Team to:



1. Build Organizational Health by identifying vulnerabilities and establishing Trust.


2. Measure and Keep track of the organizational elements that drive financial performance.

Mentoring for Leadership to:



1. Boost your own and your talents Emotional Intelligence for higher Influence.


2. Align personal with professional goals that lead to the-right-for-you Choice.


3. Empower C-suite executives for their next career step and portfolio creation.

Connecting the Dots

Partnerships for sustainable growth

1. Empower Human 2 Human (H2H) alliances to achieve higher impact and greater efficiencies focusing on identifying complementarities and common goals.
2. Establish Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs) to learn through dialogue how to benefit and lead diversity rather than antagonize in silos.
3. Promote Business to Academia partnerships (B2A) to create bridges for young graduates to enter faster and integrate better in a decent well-functioning labor market.
4. Foster Business to Business collectivities (B2B) to promote societies and create schemes that “they will do well by doing good”.