Learning And Skills Trends in the Covid-19 era @AmCham

Learning And Skills Trends in the Covid-19 era @AmCham

Pandemia has abruptly reminded us that the two most important factors of our lives are vulnerable and not for granted.  Both Health and Work need our daily care and appreciation as their condition may easily change dramatically.

All of us have been talking about the changes occured in the world of work for more than the last two decades. The main drivers of this change have been the globalization, the demographic shifts and the invasion of 4th industrial revolution. Unfortunately, most of us remained observers of the changes and our proactivity was hindered by our astonishment. Our only reaction was to remain speechless.  No pro-action. Not reaction.

Covid-19, such a tiny virus, has succeeded in energizing us and pushing us to be more creative or to show our creativity differently. We were forced to re-invent our frameworks of thought. Invent the new boxes, allow me to say. We need to find the opportunities and not just trying to cope with the challenges.

To come to our territory, the job market, it is evident that it has undergone an earthquake, rather a tsunami with global effects. The whole economy was disrupted and started questioning the positive effects of globalization. This means that we entered the phase 2 of globalization or as others call it  we are in the era of fragmented globalization or islandisation.

The 3 undisputable changes we observe so far are:

  1. The place we carry out our work – and its repercussions. Mr Pouliakas will explore further in a few minutes on that as well as Ms Mendrek.
  2. The severe damage of the social contract as the safety net expected to provide has disappeared. This needs an extensive discussion among all three parts of the Social Dialogue and deserves another session
  3. The skills we were supposed to have and those we are supposed to acquire to navigate safely the continuous changing waters.
  • We have with us Ms Lytrivi CEO from EOPPEP (the national organization from the Government side to learn about the role of certification of skills and professional competences) to explain their response in relation to exams and skills and not only.
  • Mrs Mendrek Director at Global Group MAXIMUS, an HR Company. She will assist us to understand what the other communities, apart from Greece, are doing.  She will also share her knowledge on the things that are different and the lessons to be taken or avoided.
  • Mr Harry Patrinos, from the World Bank,  will help us understand the role of training. Especially the role of adult training in the ever-changing skills evolution.

Let’s follow the video