SBC TV Interview on Corporate Governance

SBC TV Interview on Corporate Governance

Globalization, demographics and the 4th industrial revolution have given rise to a world heavily characterized by Volatility, Ambiguity, Complexity and Uncertainty; in other the VUCA world is here to stay and the only certain is uncertainty and change.

In this scary environment we have a huge opportunity: To approach untapped talent pools and Human Potential for more sustainable growth.  And this is really huge opportunity that asks from us to leave our comfort zones.

We have all been astonished by tangible geometrical progress in the digital, biological and physical sciences and we thought they have the power to overcome human consciousness and human possibilities deriving from this. But as long as we remember that fear is useful only as a control mechanism we can benefit from it, as it makes us regulate and put boundaries. When the fear is totally neglected or becomes a phobia we are in real danger.

Recent legal and regulatory frameworks have been revisited in order to encompass greater vision and scope.

Effective Boards great opportunity to show their added value is now,  in times of crisis; and in the VUCA world life is plenty of “surprises” usually unpleasant.

Companies need to be more proactive in creating a better future for all and making it clear through transparent reporting of their actions concerning the environment, the social and the human aspects and not just their financials.